Monday, March 2, 2009

5 weeks and the elimination of Sunday in the Gregorian Calendar

Sundays: I need to complain a bit about Sundays. Can we just eliminate Sundays? I've been trying to do the weight watchers flex plan (this is a great plan and easy to follow) to drop a few pounds, but then Sunday ROLLS around.....every darn week. Homemade cinnnamon rolls, eggs swimming in butter, bacon, peanut butter cookies, Mojitos, hummous, pizza,Valentines Day candy hearts. (And that was all before 1 pm). I give up all my good work on Sunday. But, it is day 6 of giving up chocolate candy for Lent, and so far.....Black Bear is clean baby!

5 weeks until race day:
My running schedule for this week
Monday: 9 miles Easy
Tuesday: 8 miles with 6 x 5 minutes @ 8:00 pace with 2 min rest inbetween
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: 20 miles Easy
Friday: 4 miles Easy
Saturday: 5 miles
Total: 46 miles


  1. Maybe if there were no homemade cinnamon rolls around the house, you wouldn't be tempted by them. Find some store bought ones that don't taste good (good luck on that) and leave them around. As for the butter, yummy, I like that. Even know how to get it from fridge myself.

  2. You sound like me....on the wagon most of the week...then a festival of gluttony that I wish I could say I felt sorry over....but don't, really. :P

    I like your time rather than distance based intervals...I'm thinking my mind would be less fearful of speed work if I thought of it in the context of time too.

  3. This is what Daniels calls for. He doesn't see any value in running intervals longer than 5 minutes in length. In fact, for the marathon training, he doesn't have any intervals, just tempos. I'm only doing a few since I have that 4 miler race coming up and need to find my speed legs.

  4. Hi Black Bear..I like this blog. You really are doing a good job, but I agree with your Dad, you have to much time on your hands.