Friday, March 20, 2009

Blackjack and my black toenail

Blackjack! That'd be 21. I ran 21 miles yesterday. 3 hours and 32 minutes. It was 28 degrees and windy. That's about a 10 minutes / mile pace. That is the most I've ever run in a training session. My plan was to run 3.5 hours and if I was close to 21, I'd just finish off to 21. The reason is, it's a big mental game for me. When I run, anything in the 30 minute range seems like a walk in the park. So if this were the actual marathon, at 3.5 hours, I'd only have 30 minutes to tough through to finish. I feel really good going into my taper now. My race is in 15 days!!!!

Now, on to my toenail. I will spare posting a picture of it. Well, back in the late summer last year, there appeared a giant black line across the bottom of it. Then slowly the black spot grew. Turns out it's a bruise under the toenail. I was told by some experts (who have lost several) that I'd lose it. I'm happy to say, it is still here with me 6 months later. The black line is about 1/2 way up now. I can't believe I'm actually writing about my toenail. The things I do to kill time before Sparty comes on in 5 minutes!


  1. Oh wow!!! U have the infamous black toenail too?? Join the club... I had mine for at least 9 months til it was totally gone. So u drove the Martian course? I pray its flat. I was thinking sub 3:30, but now that I'm racing a half 1 week prior, I'll just play by ear (or lung). Wow, 21 mile training... I did 20 alone in 4 inches of snow (interesting) and thought I was going to die!! Good luck with your taper...

  2. Black Bear,
    Why don't you use black nail polish on all your toenails? Then you'll have a matching set. As for Sanford and Son, at least you have a reason for accumulating all that stuff. Both of them are collectors.

  3. I can't even tell you how many times I've lost toenails due to the dreaded black toenail. This was all pre-running, even. Now I'm sporting two disgusting black toenails but they have not detached from my feet. Yet.