Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Middle Ground

Well, I've checked the weather for Sunday from 4 different sources. Yeah, I'm a weather nut in the first place. 52 degF partly sunny (no wind data) 48 degF partly cloudy (I guess this means the same as mostly sunny)I'm feeling pretty good now. Oh yeah. It could be just purrrrfect for Black Bear! 54 degF partly sunny (oh boy, this site has a wind reading. It shows: 9 mph ESE. Uh oh, that's a headwind for the last 13 miles) 51 degF mostly cloudy (I guess that too means partly sunny) Oh crapula, wait a minute missy. This wind reading shows 13 mph ENE and a are-you-sitting-about-ready-to-cringe GUSTS to 22 mph. Coming out of the East. Seriously, North east. The only thing that ever came out good from North of here is Santa. And Finnish Saunas.

Hit refresh on the computer, recheck the zip code, nope, still Detroit weather. Windy in April? I just don't know why, when I was really starting to embrace the snow, and the slush, and the salt lines on the bottom of my pants, it decides to vanish. And be windy instead. Dumb stupid weather.


  1. Well, at least there is no SNOW predicted!! That was my worst fear!! I'm Gu'ed up, so that wont be an issue for me this time around. I'll tape some to my torso since I will have no pockets. I hope that the wind is to our backs for the first half, then mysteriously change to our backs on the way back in.

  2. Maybe it won't be bad. It was supposedly 9-13 mph wind for my marathon Sunday and I only noticed the wind sucking during mile 24 while running up a hill. Other than that it was kinda nice. I'd get hot, pull arm warmers down, get cold, pull them up. It was like instant air-conditioning. And your temps sound warmer--it 40 degrees for the whole race Sunday so the wind might be nice.
    Hey, it is better than the flu or sleet right? :)

  3. DWW - Are you seriously taping gu to your torso? Red Duct Tape? That's hardcore, right there.

    Nat - Arm warmers? Wow, That is the one running thing I don't own. Yet. Though the day is young. And the credit card is near. LOL

  4. Red arm warmers? Do you think money grows on trees? I'm sure someone could have found you an old pair of tube socks with holes in the toes. You could use those holes for your fingers

  5. How did the race go today? I've been stalking the marathon website waiting for them to post a link to the results, but so far they only have the half up there. Inquiring (nosy) minds want to know how you did!