Sunday, October 4, 2009

Crabs, Democrats and Tigers - Philly Week 3 - And Spartans!

Well - week 3 of Philly is in the books. The day I was supposed to do my 16, it was rainy all day. So I stayed inside, stared at the treadmill (see picture above) and watched The Deadliest Catch (which if you've not seen this show, is about fishing for crab off the Bering Straits in Alaska click here to see a video -- this one kid who volunteered to be a deckhand made $13,000 in 3 days of crabbing) followed by The Democratic National Convention of 1968 (which if you're not familiar with this, I must've been delirious to have this on - I was too lazy to change channels) recap on the History Channel.

Sixteen miles running. In. One. Place. Makes even the Democrats seem interesting. (kidding to my D buds)

To be honest, it didn't seem that long, until I realized I saw the Snuggie Commercial about 20 times. (oh no, now if Jim's mom sees this commercial we'll probably get 20 of these things for Christmas)

So, yeah, onto the Tigers...Today, I could have made my 9 miler outside, but didn't want to miss the game (which the Tigers won!), so I again hit up my 2.0 horsepower pal.

I love my treadmill because I got 40 miles in this week - I am counting the 1 recovery mile I had yesterday running from the MSU-Beats-up-on-Michigan-yet-again game to the car. Scoreboard photo below.....

And yeah, the entire house probably stinks like sweat.


  1. Don't worry, I couldn't smell it. Something to do with sinuses, or lack thereof.

  2. Oh my, 16 miles on a treadmill? You are one tough chick!