Thursday, October 22, 2009

Philly Week 4 & 5

Well, I've been absolutely battling this sinus thing, and I swear I could use that toilet paper invention.

To the passing biker on the sidewalk the other day who I almost spit on: Next time, can you yell something like "on your left" when you are passing me at 20 mph, so I don't end up sending a lunger on you? You missed my projectile by about 1/2 second.

So, I got 36 miles in last week, it was my cut-back week and this week looks something like this:

Mon: 9.34
Tues: O
Wed: 9.9
Thur: 4
Fri: 21 (yep blackjack tomorrow) 3.5 hours (3.5 hours Uh huh)
Sat: 5
Sun: 8-10

I haven't quite done the math and I mostly run by time anyway. Sometimes I just say to myself, "okay self, just run 10 more minutes and then head back" so my mileage kind of varies.

I got some new shoes! Dicks had my Cumulus 10's for $60 and then DSW had these lightweight shoes Brooks Ghost (I've never run in Brooks before) for $55. I am going to try them out today....

"You don’t have to be fast to feel fast in the Ghost. With an enhanced midfoot wrap for runners who like a secure feel around the arch, and an increase in the amount of forefoot cushioning and under-foot support, the new Ghost, with its eco-friendlier BioMoGo midsole, lets you run as fast as your feet want to go. Like, as fast as if you'd seen a ghost—or two." Skeery Fast - Must wear these on Halloween.


  1. Looks like it's shaping up to be a great week! Good luck on the 21 miles! And I hope you get over the sinus thing ASAP.

  2. Ok, you are for real this time, LOL. Hope u get over this sinus thing. I just got over mine... I held off from the antibiotics for 2 weeks hoping it would pass, I just finished last Saturday (day b4 marathon). Hope U run the race of ur life, but that 10k 4 days later... i dunno...

  3. Nice mileage plan! You rock! And the new shoes are sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

  4. Yeah, I think this Philly race I am going to make this time. I do have airline tickets this time and they were FREE!!!

    Thanks DWW - I have a doc appt next week in case I will see what he says about the 21 day runnus maximus nose. I'll take antibiotics if that is all it takes.

  5. I love the new shoes. I did 4 in them today...I don't think they are LR type shoes, but certainly 10k and below shoes.