Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baseball's Best - Not Running Related

We get to go to Cooperstown this winter....YEA!!!! A few years ago I fielded a team of the greatest baseball players ever. I stumbled upon it in the pig pen closet. yesterday. (Phew, I thought it was lost. I did lose my list of marginal HOF players, like East-coast-bias Phil Rizzuto.....) One person at each position with a Relief Pitcher. So here's my list of the best NL and AL baseball teams.

P Nolan Ryan, Walter Johnson
C Ivan Rodriquez
1B Hank Greenberg
2B Charlie Gehringer
3B George Brett (my sister will be happy to see this!)
SS Lou Gehrig (okay, he only played 1 game at SS, but how else was I going to get him on)
LF Ted Williams
CF Mickey Mantle
RF Ty Cobb
DH Babe Ruth

P Sandy Koufax, Christy Mathewson
C Josh Gibson
1B Stan Musial
2B Rogers Hornsby
3B Jimmy Foxx
SS Honus Wagner
LF Ducky Medwick
CF Willie Mays
RF Hank Aaron

I tried to get Wahoo Sam Crawford in here, and Pumpsie Green, but there's only so much room.


  1. A noble effort but here's the real list.

    Pos AL NL

    RHP Cy Young Bob Gibson
    LHP Lefty Grove Sandy Koufax
    C Yogi Berra Johnny Bench
    1B Lou Gehrig Jimmy Foxx
    2B Rod Carew Rogers Hornsby
    SS Cal Ripken Ernie Banks
    3B Brooks Robinson Mike Schmitt
    LF Ted Williams Stan Musial
    CF Ty Cobb Wille Mays
    RF Mickey Mantle Hank Aaron
    DH Babe Ruth Frank Robinson

  2. eeh, Cal Ripken?I'll admit that I had to move players around to non-primary positions just to get certain ones in, but really Ripken? Seriously, longetivity and fan favorite there. No way Ripken is better than say, uh, ARod.

    And really I'd put Pudge over Yogi Berra. When Yogi played there just wasn't that much competition from outside the US nor the Negro Leagues. And much fewer teams in the league (East coast bias). That's why you've got to consider Pudge and AROD would be in.

    I was glad to see Dimaggio NOT on your list.

  3. Pudge is the beneficiary of watered down talent. A solid player but Yogi was 3 times AL MVP. That says a lot. Pudge has 1.

    Other stats fairly comparable. Pudge has gold gloves but those didn't start getting awarded until the end of Yogi's career.

    But most importantly, how can you keep out the guy that sais:

    "Always go to other people's funerals; otherwise they won't come to yours."

  4. Bwwwahhahha

    Honus Wagner has to be on your list. I mean,really, what's that card of his you have now worth, about $6Million???

  5. Thanks for putting my favorite player on your list.

  6. He deserves it, no matter what anyone says. Huge hitter for average. Dominant player in the entire era. Heck, his stats compare nicely, even against first basemen.

  7. as he is so nice looking