Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My shin and my Dad

Well, so I couldn't stand prosperity, so today I ran 6 miles with 5 miles at my half-marathon pace. Comparing 3 different pace calculators, my 53:08 10K corresponds to a Run Less: 1:57:25, McMillan 1:58:14 or Daniels 1:58:34. Since I'm going to consider myself as following the Daniels plan of late, I'm shooting for the 1:58:34 or a 9:03 pace on Sunday. Today's treadmill run, I did 1 mile warmup and 5 miles at 8:49 pace. (I know that's faster than 9:03, but okay, I said I couldn't stand prosperity).

I was just going to run easy, but I just HAD to know what this shin is going to feel like on Sunday. Yikes. Here's where it hurts below. I thought at first it was shin splints, but I'm thinking it's somewhere around where the calf muscle meets the achilles toward the back of my leg. A few weeks ago I had some twinges in my calf while running, but they passed on and my achilles was a little sore. So, I'm taking the next 4 days off. And yea, those are my shiny new Kayano's from Santa (and my "man hands").

Now, onto my Dad. So, I sent him an email with the link to my new blog and he responded with this.....

"I read your blog it wasn't that bad Love Dad" Which absolutely cracked me up and made me feel better about my stupid shin/calf.


  1. Hi Mirnr, I didn't see the blog the first go but after you posted for us to check it out, well, I had to find it. I'm glad you have a blog because you always crack me up throughout our weekly BQ thread (so don't disappoint LOL). Go easy on that shin/calf. Your dad cracked me up as well. I hope you have a safe trip to AZ and have a fun time.
    Jackie aka Hikergirl

  2. Thanks HG! My Dad says I've got too much time on my hands.

  3. Murray,
    Arizona, what the heck is up with that? I thought for sure your were in DC for the inauguration and was going to remind you to dress warm.