Monday, February 16, 2009

7 weeks...

Only 7 weeks until April 5, The Martian Marathon. Last week was a big mileage week for me. I haven't run 41 miles in one week in a long long time. So far, only a very slight calf issue (but I'll see my niece the doc to take a look at it - and if she tells me "stop running"... I'll cut her out of her inheritance LOL), but I've been icing and Ibuprofening (Vitamin I) to combat it.

Monday: Easy 5 miles @10:00
Tuesday: Tempo Run 8 miles incl 6 mi @9:01
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Easy 18 Miles @ 10:21 (That's a biggie)
Friday: Easy 4 miles (recovery run after the big'un)
Saturday: Easy 9 Miles @ 10:21
Total: 44 Miles

I've moved into the Asics Cumulus (a Neutral Shoe) from the Kayanos (a Stability Plus shoe). This also saves me some $$$ since the Kayanos are the Gold Standard of running shoes. I'm pretty sure now, that I was running in the wrong type of shoe all these years. I've upped my mileage a lot and my calves don't feel like a bag of concrete anymore.


  1. Here's to your 18 today! Thinking about you and sending you peaceful TM thoughts. Hope it goes by fast.

  2. Thanks! The last mile was slllllow. But, it's oout of the way and next week is a cutback week! Hurray!

  3. Mary, Mary, Mary! I just read your blog, which is kind of embarrassing, since I just finished creating a blog about running. Of course, my blog and your blog are on opposite ends of the spectrum where capabilities and training are concerned.
    It looks like you're doing great. I'm going to keep up with your blog for inspiration.
    Glad you're doing so well. Have a great Martian Marathon! I looooved that race!!! I still wear my sweatshirt and hat with pride, although the sweatshirt is a little snug...
    Jenni Gross