Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Martian Marathon

Cue the Twilight Zone music......The marathon I've decided to do this spring is the Martian Marathon on April 5. It runs in Hines Park Marathon Route - Click Here and is a relatively small race, but the date works perfectly for me. Here's a video of it from last year.
Martian Marathon Video - Click Here
Every mile marker has a giant plastic blow up martian to go with the Martian theme and some people (not I) dress in Star Trek costumes. Scene from Star Trek (The Trouble with Tribbles)

I'll also be able to do some of my long training runs on the actual course, when the weather breaks, and the sun comes out, and Hines isn't flooded. So, basically, I'll be doing all my training on the treadmill. Ha.

My training for this Feb 9 week looks like:

Monday: Tempo Run Dist: 8miles Total including 5miles @8:56
Tuesday: Easy Run Dist: 5 miles @10:21 (I did this in 10:00)
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Easy Run Dist: 16miles @10:21 (last 2 at 10:00)
Friday: Recovery Run Dist: 4 miles @10:21 (10:00 )
Saturday: Easy Run Dist: 8miles @10:21
Total: 41 miles


  1. That sounds like a quirky, fun race. The small race aspect also takes out a lot of the stress of getting up ridiculously early to make your way through mega-marathon traffic and crowds.

  2. Yeah TMR, that is one thing I LOVE about small events. No hassle. No cutting in and out of people for 5 miles.