Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Gonna Be A Grandma

I'm going to be a Grandma. Well, sort of. I signed up for The Grandma's Marathon in Duluth Minnesota, (say yah to da yoopers, eh!) on June 20. I remember a different post I wrote about signing up for the Cleveland Marathon on a whim, and I probably had one earlier about signing up for the Martian Marathon on a whim, too.

So, here was my dilemma. I am randomly taking 12 days off in the 4 weeks prior to Cleveland. I did get a 21.5 miler in 24 days before Cleveland, but I had to take 4 days off prior to that due to the supergloo incident of 2009. And then I took 5 more days off after my Collamer Implantable Lens. My confused last month looks like this:

Two weeks ago:
Thursday: Supergloo idiot accident
Friday - Monday: 4 days off

Last Week:
Tuesday - Thursday: 3 days running
Thursday: 21.5 miles + Superman vision improvement 1st eye
Friday - Tues: 5 days off

This week:
Tuesday: 4 miles super slow,
Wednesday: Day off
Thursday: 12 miles + Superman vision improvement 2nd eye
Friday - Tuesday: 5 days off

Next Week:
Tuesday 4 miles
Wednesday 5 miles
Thursday 8 -10 miles
Friday: off
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: 3 miles

So, anyway, I'm not sure I'm going into Cleveland with a full set of steak knives to take a good shot at a Boston Qualifier, so I needed a backup plan. And I had some frequent flyers I have to use by October. I know this is Father's Day weekend, but the race is on Saturday, and I plan to just make it a 36 hour trip so I can meet my Dad (who gave me these AWESOME knees that seem to be able to take anything I can dish out) at the Casino for Father's Day.


  1. Holy moley, you are so hard-core! You really impress me with your race schedule! I hear Grandma's is a great race so I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time. So happy for you about the superman eyes. :)

  2. This was sent a couple weeks ago, dad said he's glad you didn't blame his for the achilles problem. He also said thanks for the comment on his knees.
    He also thinks you should consider taking a break every now and then, because he's sure J and D would enjoy a relaxing game of checkers or something on that line.