Sunday, July 5, 2009

Two Miles - Ring the Bell!

Today, I did 2.5 miles or so, just re-testing out my semi-sprained-semi-hyperextended-or-who-knows-what-the-heck-happened-to-them middle toes and they are fine. So, while I was running, I thought, 24 miles more and I'd be all done. heh heh heh. My goal this year was to run a race every 2 months. I've only done 3 races, and this is already July. Must get act in gear BlackBear.

My favorite 2 races, DexterAnnArbor and the BlackBear run, I missed.

What the heck, so I came back in, and signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon on November 22. Ring the Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin!


  1. Glad your toes are better. How did they get hurt?

    July 25th is the Heart of the Hills 10K in Bloomfield Hills. Maybe that could be your race for July. I'm running it with my boyfriend. :)

    Woo hoo no sighing up for Philly!

  2. Wow, who taught me to type? That last comment should have been "Woo hoo on signing up for Philly!" :)

  3. nonchalant....I missed my favorite run so I signed up for a bigass marathon! But that's awesome. My brain works that way as well.