Monday, August 24, 2009

Ramp up

Wahoo, I got 20 miles in last week! This week my schedule looks like:

Monday: off
Tuesday: 6
Wednesday: 5
Thursday: 8
Friday: 3-4
Saturday: off (golf)
Sunday: 8

31 miles

I ran 6 miles yesterday at 10:20 pace and average HR of 139, which is the bottom end of my Zone 2, endurance, so that felt good. My fitness is coming back.

This is way more of a mileage increase than I wanted from week-to-week but seeing as Philly is only 13 weeks to go, I only have a couple weeks to be able to get up to a 12 miler in for my Long run. I figure next week,I'd do a 10-11 for my Long Run, and the week after a 11-13. Crossing fingers. Behind back.


  1. Yay, awesome! Run those miles! I ramped up pretty quickly after coming back from NZ with zero miles and didn't have any problems with i17 to 25 to 30, but 20 to 31 is really a lot, so be careful.

  2. Yes I'm still keeping tabs on you!! You mentioned Philly but not Detroit... u still running the half right?? Dont (missed) that one too, LOL. Good to see u back in the circuit!!