Sunday, September 6, 2009


Week wrap up:

Monday: 6.5 miles 10:15 138 bpm (it was more miles than this, since my watch got messedup)

Tuesday: 4.0 miles 10:06 135 bpm

Wed: Off

Thursday: 5.3 miles 10:26 136 bpm

Friday: 4.1 miles 10:16 137 bpm

Saturday: 4 beers and about 40 powdered donettes.

Sunday: 9.2 miles at 10:27 143 bpm (much higher and slower at 78 degrees and sunny). I got this in just under the wire, since I didn't start until about 5 pm.

That's a 30 mile week. And I'm injury free, so I feel good about that.


  1. Wooo! Go you! I need to update my own blog one of these years.

  2. I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering how your running is going.

  3. Ok!! She's baaaaaack!! Now lets keep the injuries to a minimum and try not to miss anymore races, LOL. I'm going to do the detroit turkey trot this year.