Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stay away from the honey jar Black Bear

I don't remember this happen to Winnie. I was in the backyard/frontyard, whatever it's called and stepped on a bee's nest and just got 7 bee stings. Ouch.

Oh, and I realized, if I don't get my run in in the morning, it doesn't happen. So, I'm a slacker today.


  1. Didn't your parent ever teach you to wear shoes? Perhaps the bees liked the fancy toenail polish.

  2. All on your foot??? OH.MY.GOD... That sends shivers down my spine...

    Oh and my code word to post this comment was 'OVINESTS'

  3. HOLY's painful just thinking about that! Hope it's a little better today.

  4. Actually, I had flip flops on, but they stung me through my jeans all along side my leg. none on my foot.

    They are better today, the stinger didn't get left behind (I think because I had jeans on)

  5. Seven?? OMG, you poor thing. I just read that some skateboard pioneer guy died from a bee sting this week. ouch ouch ouch