Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dirty Floors are fine by me....(now)

Great knee day today! I've been managing a knee issue and started PT about 7 days ago, since I couldn't run more than about 10 minutes without my knee sloppily seizing up (say that 5 times really fast). I haven't run more than probably 20 miles total since the marathon. I think the attempted 8 mile run (I think I made about 7 of it) I did about 5 days post-marathon was a really BAD IDEA and cemented every issue I had from the bad roads at Philly.

I tried to manage it on my own, but it wasn't working so I started PT about 7 days ago. They gave me some excercises to do at home as well as pretty intense stuff at the PT place and some ultrasound and pretty heavy duty muscle massage (think biting a bullet it hurts so bad) today I did 17 minutes on the treadmill = 1.6 miles which was my goal for today.

Amazing that only a month ago, I could run 3+ hours without pain. Ah well, at least it got me to start doing some upper body lifting and some cross-training.

And I decided to allow shoes in the house since barefoot was not helping. Yeah, when it's me who has to wear shoes, then the shoe's on the other foot. (or whatever that saying is)

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