Sunday, January 10, 2010

NFL Sixty

I started NFL 60 a few weeks ago. Basically, the idea is just to get 60 minutes of activity in every day. I started this because of the cool commercial PLUS when I mapped out how many miles I ran last year...1232, it amounted to about 25 miles per week, or about 4 hours per week. Sure, some weeks I got up to 9 hours, but that was rare. I was kind of floored, since if someone were to ask me, I'd pretty much guarantee I worked out an hour per day average. OOPS. No wonder I've gained a couple pounds. All that easy running, my body probably got efficient along the way and wasn't stressed as much as the mileage accumulated.

So, I did some reading about fat loss the last few weeks and it seems the quickest way is a concerted effort of shutting the hole under the nose + weight lifting + anearobic (hard) intervals. Sooo, since I'm injured and off from running for a few more weeks, I've been biking, incline walking (which is amazingly pretty difficult compared to running) and stair stepping. And LOTS of weight lifting. Soon, I can STAR in the NFL 60 T.O.

Here's a picture of my Heart Rate today on bike intervals for an hour today. Get a look at those spikes!!! (click on the graph for a bigger view)

Boring sh/t, I know. But, it's all I got for now.


  1. Woohoo! Mixing it up. I do think that sometimes the body gets accustomed to the same level of exertion-part of my recovery/taking it easy for injury weight gain too.

  2. Cool looking graph! I think that 60 a day is an awesome goal! :-)