Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well, I'm still working on getting my knee better so I did the elliptical machine. I had no idea how to use this thing when I used to have a club membership last year so I could never get my heart rate up enough to get a good workout in.

It turns out you have to adjust the stride length. Duh. Also, they told me that if you increase the resistance that it will be harder, but I just found that it was the opposite, you have to decrease the resistance to make the pedals move faster. So anyway, here is my HR graph from elliptical from some interval sessions - where the HR drops that is where the resistance is increased, slowing the pedals down. This thing kicked my butt. (Click on the graph to make it bigger)

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  1. Oh yeah-I used to LOVE the elliptical at the gym in my pre-running days, and if I still had a gym membership I'd be getting in there to use it now for a few days. I also used it with zero resistance so I could get the pedals going fast....and taking them backwards is another cool way to work the muscles.