Friday, July 31, 2009

Tan Lines Cometh....

Well, I'm not pre-greiving yet over hills, but today, this very afternoon (after my lunch pizza with pepperonis settles down) I am off to do 3 miles from the new house. I was going to pip it to tomorrow, since I had an early meeting this morning. But, I sneaked/snuck/snooked (whatever grammar) off to the library to grab the internet hookup and checked out RunningWithCathy's blog, and well, she inspired me to run this afternoon. I used to run all the time in the afternoon, I don't know how I became a go-morning-or-go-home runner...but I digress.

I've assessed the path, it appears a bit hilly, and will have a full report out later. It's 78 degrees, with a slight breeze, and low humidity today.

Game On. Time for some serious sock tannage.


  1. I love tan lines.............

  2. Awww, I am honored that I inspired you to run!