Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tom Watson and me

This isn't about Tom Watson, but I had as good of a morning as Tom. I was actually cold on my run this morning. It was a beautiful fall-like morning. 6.1 miles and average heart rate 139 bpm. My pace, 10:44. I caught up with Jim and ran with him the last 2 miles.

Pace/ Heart Rate bpm
10:17 139
10:15 141
10:24 143
10:54 142 Stopped to scare the geese with some rocks
11:17 137 Ran with Jim
11:14 139 Ran with Jim


  1. When you're lucky enough to get a cool day in July, there's really no other option but getting out there to enjoy it! Nice job.

    Are you using a Garmin with heart rate strap or something else?

  2. Where you at? Tom Watson was amazing and heartbreaking all at the same time...Hope the running is going well....